Is there any way to export records to a Word or PDF merge?

Hi everyone,

I have to make contracts every few days, which are usually 3 or so PDF documents that I typically will just go into Acrobat Pro and modify to the latest customer. The one PDF just has the customer name in one place, and the other has it I think in 2 plus their address and then written in “Three (3)” or “Five (5)” depending on the term of the agreement.

Is there any way in Suite or with a plugin that anyone knows of that I’d be able to basically be under an Account record, press a button or whatever and have it output it all to the PDFs doing a merge? Even to Word is fine as I have the agreements in Word format as well. Not a huge deal just thought I’d check in case it already exists etc. Thanks!

not understand all… but… :
there is a phpword, phoexcell, … library on github. (
And you can with work do export, merge, with you will and have and docx or excel.

after download the library, put in the custom folder.

What you need is create a custom controller… (action) with SQL… and you will have wath you need.

Look, a my username in this forum and you will find a sample.


hello @caleb1983, did you get it to work? I’m looking for something similar on this. Regards.