Is there any free or (decent pricing) Chat integration?

I have seen integration for many chat platforms but 500$ / year it’s too much for me.
Is there any free or decent pricing chat integration with ecommerce valence ?

Thank you,

HI Daniel
there are many open-source chat tools out there - I don’t have knowledge as to any that work with Suite.
Which ones have you googled, which do you think have most potential for you? and what kind of pros/cons re you seeing? Info like that may trigger more attention on the forum.

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For example I like has integration with prestashop. unfortunately does not have integration on a crm.
But I am open to any kind of chat just to have a decent pricing and to have integration with ecommerce platform.

Let me clear somethings here.

Hi @dandumit

Do you need a chat integration with SuiteCRM? If this is the case then we have an affordable solution for you.

There is a chat platform i.e. LiveChat (Free of cost) and it can sync with SuiteCRM by using our Email to Lead .

Check out the video to get a better understanding: SuiteCRM LiveChat Integration for automatic lead Generation & Data Sync via Email to lead - YouTube

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