Is there an Account Number field?

I just installed SuiteCRM. I did the setup and was creating my Invoice PDF when I noticed there was no customer/account number to choose from the Account’s fields. I did not see any Account ID or Account Number field in the Studio either. The invoice has an Invoice Number, I need the Account to have the same thing. Is there something I need to activate to get this field? Or please let me know how to create this auto-increment field and auto-assign the value to each newly created account.

Thanks for your help.


This isnt something that would be possible out of the box with SuiteCRM
It would require some additional coding to create this functionality.

However, i believe someone has found an installable package that supplies this functionality here:

You may wish to backup your db & CRM before installing this, just in case the functionality doesn’t work as you wish it to.

After installing the package, i would also recommend running a Repair & Rebuild and Repair Relationships. Both found in Admin > Repair.

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Alternatively, since SuiteCRM assigns a unique ID to each record, you could easily create a custom field via Studio and a workflow that copies the ID to your custom field, which you can then display in any of the views (edit, detail, list, as well as the in search forms).

Unfortunately the ID is not a consecutive number, and it is a long string (difficult to manipulate by hand).

I installed the packaged mentioned in the link you suggested and it’s perfect. It creates a new Data Type called Autoincrement and you can create a custom field on any object with this data type, it gives you many format options. Very very good. Thanks.