Is there a way to find who merged two accounts?

Hi everybody,

One of my user merged some accounts and I want to know who did merge, is there a way to find it ? I have the merged(final) account record and merged(deleted) accounts in DB(monthly prune is not yet happened).

Is this information stored in somewhere ?

Thanks in advance.

Look in these two tables, I don’t think they store specific information about merges, but you might see some side-effect of the merge recorded there:


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In accounts_audit, I have caught name change activity after merge by LIKE search on before_value_string for company name and found who did the merge, thanks for reminding.

But the current name of the company is totally different and this is not the way to find who did it all the times.

I have found more information in tracker table again with LIKE search on item_summary column and I found some records with action=‘detailview’ for my account and matched the same user checked previous companies.

So I have identified who did the change and what/which companies changed in a loosely way.

I’m glad you were able to solve your problem.

If you want to keep a closer eye on this, consider adding more fields to audit feature. You can do this from Studio.