Is there a way to desactivate AOS Module


Even if the great AOS module is set out-of-the-box, i would like to desactivate and use
the OQC module instead wich is really dedicated.

I already installed oqc but there are still some conflicts between the 2 modules.

Can someone give me the process -not only to mask the AOS module functions from users- but also to invalidate functions?


mmm … it sounds as if you don’t have a great deal of SugarCRM experience. If you did, you would know how to make SugarCRM modules available/unavailable and you probably would not be seeking to install OQC which is still pretty immature, very buggy, needs additional libraries installed and is not intuitive. .

Without wishing to be rude, on what basis did you decide that OQC was a preferable solution to AOS?

However, the great thing about open source is freedom which incudes freedom to install inferior modules. You will need to articulate your issues in more detail. What conflicts are there between the two modules?

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

I’m coming from the vTiger world -only- and the logic is just completly different.

So for about answer… as i told in my original mail, I need to unvalidate AOS functions… not only to desactivate in Role (rights in role and team management… if u are talking of this).

Maybe it will be better to tell u I installed SweetDBAdmin… so no need to use phpmyadmin or equivalent to work directly on the DB.

An exemple: as AOS is coming “nativly” with SuiteCrm, even if I unactivate the different modules by roles, the relation tables are still operande and it is not possible to desactivate the crossing references in quotes (example)… There is no fucntion to do this. I could go directly in the php files or under the DB tables but i’m afraid to make bullshits…