Is there a way to add Security Groups and Roles for Home Page Dashlets?

On the homepage of suitecrm you can add charts. The charts show information on sales of everyone in the system and can be edited by both admin and user to see sales of everyone or specific people.

What I’m looking to do is prevent User A from adding or editing charts on their home page to see the sales information of User B, User C and so on. Currently User A could view the sales of any other user if they wanted to. Is there a way to limit User A to only see their own stuff?

Charts as well as the dashlets should be governed by security groups/roles. So for example if you have list view for accounts limited to “own” then user A wont see user B’s accounts in list view or in the dashlets. You can do this with opportunities, calls, whatever makes sense.

Hey pstevens,

In the below image I given the following role and permissions to a user. They’re also in their own security group, though they can see everyone’s things inside dashlets on the home page. I assured that they are only assigned to this role and have no other roles assigned. When they go to the opportunities list views under their account they can only see their own stuff, same with Leads, Accounts and Contacts. Am I doing anything wrong that you can see?

Also I’m not sure if you’re the same guy, but I think I watched one of your videos on youtube and it helped me out a lot. Just wanted to say thank you for the video.

Hey @JCorum thanks. Yeah, I’m the video guy! I would have thought that would do it. I know it works in list view and also in reports. Kind of surprised it’s not working in the dashlets. I’ll give it a test in my dev installation a little later and let you know if I’m having the same issue.

Thank you again for the help. I may have also found a bug but suitecrm also stopped letting me assign roles to users. The button is gone.

Are your items (an opportunity, for example), also assigned to the appropriate security groups?

Currently since most were just imported, no. Though I figured someone with the security access to only see stuff within their own group would only be able to see stuff assigned to their group and nothing more. They’re able to see everything.

If the items don’t have security groups, then the security layer is not doing anything to them.

My guess is that your security groups in the dashlets are working fine, only you need to assign the items to the security groups.

That leaves the matter of explaining why the other list views are limiting what it shown. I would guess it’s either a filter, or a security restriction caused by ownership (assignment of records to users).

That makes sense. I figured it would just work the same as the Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts and Leads list views. Security wise things are good for them. Like an Opportunity without a security group isn’t able to be seen nor accessed by someone with the role permissions of Owner only or Group only.

I’ll try adding security groups to things via workflows and se if that works. Thank you for your help.

Hey @JCorum I just tested both with and without security groups assigned to the user. Simply limiting the user to “owner” for list view and view prevents the Opportunity records from showing in the dashlet. That’s how I would expect it to work. You must have something else going on.

I also don’t have any records assigned to security groups, so that’s not it either. Here are my settings:

Are you sure the user is assigned to the role? That’s the only other thing I can think of.

Blocked out names and descriptions for corporate security. Though yeah I have the user assigned a role and they’re assigned to a security group.

For the charts on the dashlets I can still see sales stuff from other users and filter to see other users.

The screenshots above were taken from the user’s page

Please “enable” the modules you want the security rules to apply to in the list. See if that helps.

I had opportunities, accounts, leads and contacts enabled above but to be safe I ended up Enabling everything. I’m still able to sort and filter for the user. I colour coded the user I’ve been testing with in blue in the screenshots down below to better show what I mean.

Just to clarify my last post a bit. The user who I intend to have owner only access can filter the chart dashlets for the whole system still.

The only other thing I can think of, is are you sure the user isn’t an admin?

Also, you will absolutely be able to select all users from the dropdown in the dashlet, because the user has access to all other users. However, it shouldn’t show any records that do not belong to the owner. At least thats how it works in my installation.

If you don’t want them to see other users you can remove the users module list view for that user.

Yeah, I’m sure the user isn’t an admin double triple checked.

So for this user in the pop up I can see all users. When I change the selected user the chart associated with it also changes and displays data for the user it’s changed to.

However when I click on Opportunities, Leads, Contacts or Accounts, the only thing shown are records that the user is an owner of.

I’m working with my main admin account in one browser and the user in a separate browser. I’ve tried logging in as the user in a few different browsers to see if it might be a browser issue but it’s been the same across multiple browser.

Are you on SuiteCRM 8? Now that I see your screen shot it looks like 8. I’m testing on 7. Let me test on 8. I bet its a bug.

I’m pretty sure I’m on SuiteCRM8. I’ve encountered a few bugs.