Is there a Maintenance Mode?

Is there something like a maintenance mode that you can put the CRM in when you’re doing things like upgrading / repair & rebuilds, etc. so that users can’t access the site while that is going one?

No there isn’t. I find removing the network cable or disabling networking can be an option in some cases. :slight_smile:

But of course, for a serious approach to this you have to schedule downtime at night or weekends.

Looking for the same thing. When I update the CRM it can take like 1hour (cause of a lot of customization). During this hour I dont want no one to be able connect and add contact etc …

Do you know how I can to this ? Maybe I will have to add a PHP library or something, if there is no direct maintenance mode in suiteCRM.

Bulk update the CRM users and make their status as Inactive, except the One Admin user that you will use for upgrade. Once done, make then active again.

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Don’t forget to print a message on index.php or at a better place…

“System is under maintenance, Only admin can log”…

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Sorry to onlmy answer now. I had a lot of thing to do on the CRM, this is one of the last thing :stuck_out_tongue:

This method work, update the user status. But if the user is connected at this moment he is not disconnected…

Im still looking for a bettter solution… Saw that sugarCRM has a real maintenance mode, but it dont work in SuiteCRM, it maybe was added after 6.5.

Will update this topic if I found a better solution.