Is SuiteCRM What I Need?

I need a platform that I can use as a central hub for (essentially) contact management of marketers… more specifically affiliate marketers.

I’ve been seriously struggling to find a CRM or a Contact Management solution that’s fit for purpose - specifically for the affiliate sector. Many are massive solutions with too many features which I’d never use

So the big question is, can I achieve what I want with SuiteCRM?

I want to use SuiteCRM (the self hosted version) and pull (and push) data from a number of different sources.

  • from a support ticketing system
  • from an affiliate tracking platform (sales, revenue, payouts, profit, chargebacks)
  • to an email marketing platform
  • to a CMS members area running on Wordpress

What’s great about all of the above is I can use either Zapier or Integromat to achieve the connections, however the big question is, can I use or adapt SuiteCRM to combine all this data?

Essentially I need to be able to:

  • create contact/profiles for any prospective affiliates/marketers identified
  • if and when they do become a registered affiliate for my brand, turn them from a prospect to a lead (or similar)
  • be able to pull in their sales data each month (from the affiliate platform), any related tickets (from the existing ticketing system) as well as add notes to the respective affiliate contact so we have a history of communication (whether it be IM, email or Whatsapp call etc)
  • be able to grade or group affiliates based on their stats/sales
  • have the ability to organise workflow e.g. create internal reminders for Whatsapp calls with specific affiliates based on their quality and results, auto generate emails to contacts if they haven’t interacted with one of the platforms etc.
  • be able to have a visual representation of the sales/revenue and run other reports from such data, whilst also getting alerts if someone starts under performing

I get the impression that SuiteCRM has a load of features I don’t need, but ultimately it’s a case of ensuring I’ve got what is essentially a contact management solution that has the ability to collect and collate data from various systems all under one self hosted roof.

Any thoughts or suggestions (even if it’s a case of “SuiteCRM likely isn’t for you”) massively appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t see why SuiteCRM couldn’t handle all of those records, but the bigger question is “Do all of these external systems have an API/webhooks that will play nice with SuiteCRM?”

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I believe so hence why I’ve been looking at solutions that can work via either automation solutions Integromat or Zapier.

SuiteCRM already seemingly works/integrates with Integromat, with it being in the queue for integration with Zapier.

I guess my main concern is simply ensuring SuiteCRM has the capacity to collect/collate the amount of contact management data we want (as I appreciate that SuiteCRM has a lot more features above and beyond that which I’m unlikely to need).

I think I’ll give it a go… SuiteCRM ultimately got on my radar due to the customisation and integration elements, so fingers crossed. Obviously if anyone else has anything to add, feel free to pitch in :slight_smile:

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