Is Suitecrm the right solution?

we are looking for a CRM to include it into our marketing process.
I’ve already taken a short look at SuiteCrm
But before I dive to deep into SuiteCrm, I would like to ask the following questions to know if its in general possible to automatize the following process:

We have a customer base with several attributes for each customer like city, type of product, segment and so on.
It should be possible for the manager to choose the correct customers according to the attributes (e.g. all customer from city x and type y of product) and assign this customers to a marketing process.

The marketing process in short should look like:

  1. User gets a notification call customer x
  2. User is being asked how the call was and the user can choose from several categories (no interest, slight interest, wrong number, …)
  3. The logic behind what happens afterwards is in the program

So in short:
Defining the customer range -> putting them into a process -> user gives a response in a pre defined way to the task he performed -> the process goes on

is it possible to implement the above described process with SuiteCrm?
Or should we look for something else? Any suggestions?

Thank you!

You can do pretty much anything you want in SuiteCRM. You need someone to guide you on how to implement the process you want to achieve. I will caution that automated drip campaigns are not the best in SuiteCRM. I personally use Mautic for that. For storing, sorting and qualifying leads and customers, opportunities, quotes, projects, contracts, etc. it works really well. Again, it’s not something you can customize in a few clicks. You need to understand your process first, and then understand how to implement it in SuiteCRM second. Having said that, you can add fields very easily, create new modules, create workflows and email templates all custom within the software without any coding. However, if you’ve never used a CRM before, you really need an expert Business Analyst who is familiar with CRM to implement your business process.