Is SuiteCRM the right solution for me?

Im a web developer looking for a suitable CRM for a client. Ive narrowed it down to Zoho and Suite. Can you answer the following questions?

  1. Is SuiteCRM free? Zoho’s license is about £10pm, but Suite’s license is about £100pm! Am I reading that right? If so, why is Suite 10x more expensive?
  2. Can Suite be accessed via the internet? So the client can be using it while Im developing features.
  3. Whats the support/community like? Is it quite active? Ive had a bit of experience with Zoho, and theyre support is pretty good.
  4. I code using php/jquery/bootstrap. I dont know any javascript frameworks like Angular. Is Suite easy to code with? For example, I have an html form that I want its content inserted into Suite. Is there a tutorial for this?
  5. When a customer submits a form, I need that contents to be added to the CRM, but not ‘committed’ to the database until the client has vetted the form submission. Is this possible?

Thanks guys.

Suite is completely free to use, although there is no version 10 (maybe you’re referring to Sugar?)


html+php+js (jquery) should cover the most. You can create the webform either from within suite or code it yourself, in this case you should have a look at the API pages.

Nope, either the record is saved or it is not :wink: But you could easily add some attributes that can be used for filtering (“type”/“status”).

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Can you point me to a very simple example of an html form that inserts data into Suite using php? :slight_smile:

suiteondemand is a Suite-hosting service, the product itself is free to use.

Download Suite here and install it on your server/localhost, there are no related costs.

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