Is SuiteCRM suitable for Telemarketing?

We’re looking to replace Sage Act which is our current crm used for cold calling leads

We already have a crm which we use for customers once we’ve converted a lead into a prospect/customer and are ready to quote, it’s the stage before this

We want the caller to be able to quickly call and update a lead, then click next for the next caller

The information we want to record are a few custom fields, contact name, email address, and a note about what was discussed

From what I can see, this seems a very time consuming way using suitecrm, which involves clicking into the customer, clicking edit to update the fields, then clicking call to add the call and notes, clicking save then next.

Is there an easier way to do it? Or is there a module we could use which would help? Or is suitecrm the wrong crm for us?

you can make a separate view for this, but for this customisation, revision will be done with the help of the programmer. This cannot be done by standard means. I believe there are paid modules to do what you want.

Some of the things you mention about making things faster and involve less clicks, can be solved by using two things properly in SuiteCRM:

  • the pencil arrows next to items in list views (and left menu bar) that give you direct access to the Edit view

  • inline-edit that let’s you double-click individual fields in List view or Detail view and edit them right there

I’m aware of the pencil icon to edit leads. However, this is the problem, users must click next for the next record and wait for the page to load, then click edit and wait for edit screen to load, record the details, click save, then click to add a call, fill in the details of the call (most of which is not required such as duration), click save, wait for refresh, then click next for the next lead. This is a lot of clicking to save a note to the record and it’s not ideal having the customer wait for each screen to save/change.

What we’re looking to achieve is to click the next record and the user can record all the information on that one page before clicking the next record, which then saves the previous page and displays the next lead in the list.

The plugins i’ve looked at are all to integrate with an existing pbx, but that’s not our aim here. It is just to display a simple one-page screen which the user can enter information before clicking the next page. If anyone knows a plugin that would provide this functionality please could you post a link so we take a look.

Maybe that could be done always from the Detail view as long as

  • you’re starting from the Leads list view (you can you use filters there) so that you get “previous/next” buttons in the detail view

  • you tweak the detail view so that it has all the necessary fields there, so you can use inline edit

  • you use Workflows or Logic hooks or PowerFields to get your actions to affect a related record, the call

Another approach that might be nice would be to customize the next button on the Edit view, so that instead of asking to confirm that you want to leave the page without saving, it would just go ahead and save, and navigate immediately to the next page.

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