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Is SuiteCRM right for me?

I´m looking for a tool to create an end to end good experience for new student applicants at a community college, for as close to free as possible. It would be ideal if the tool allowed for the creation of a web based application form, and allowed for export of applicant data for import into the SIS.
Does anyone have experience with SuiteCRM in some similar capacity?

SuiteCRM allows you to adapt the system for many industries. I believe it can be customized for your needs. Now in order to capture date from outside SuiteCRM, there are some ways to do it.

First, there is a paid module in the store that creates forms you can embed into your website easily:

Now if you are a programer, here is a tutorial on how to do something similar:

Hope it helps!

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Thank you - that gives me hope that this may be the solution I am looking for.

SuiteCRM is a powerful tool.
But may be simpler in your case, to modify the SIS for the applicant form? And not introduce Suite at all?
Or do you expect calls/ emails / meetings are needed with an applicant first -and you will only import into SIS just some of the applicants? Or will you import all?

Have you a short doc listing the work-flows you will need to handle?

The SIS does have a CRM module that will allow for the creation of the form/workflow, but it is prohibitively expensive.

I would prefer not to import all.

Not yet - I am still thinking this through.

A shame - although SuiteCRM’s usage in your instance is not free - have you shown the bosses the man hours you well need to become proficient at it - and the ongoing costs of looking after it, updating it. it’s a whole new platform to master. And the ongoing training costs of the system users having to get their head round both your core app -and a Suite as a 2nd one. They will have different UI quirks etc.

People often under-estimate the cost in time and productivity due to the ‘cognitive overload’ of multiple systems.

Have you a short doc listing the work-flows you will need to andle?

Not yet - I am still thinking this through.

OK -that is vital - once you share that here, folks will be able to advise better. By the way - which brand SIS is it?

The SIS is Ellucian Colleague.

And… one of the VPs killed the idea of using SuiteCRM anyway.