Is SuiteCRM overkill for my use case?

Hello Friends,
I run a small bicycle shop and interested in software to help keep track of lead capture, follow up and keeping my existing customers happy. So, only four people would be using the CRM. When I look at SuiteCRM and other compeitors, the workflow seems to be

  1. Create account
  2. Create leads linked to account
    and so on…

Since I’m not dealing with other businesses only retail customers, what do you recommend I do for accounts? For example, say I have the following leads?
Henry Mancini
Enrio Morricone
Leonard Bernstein

What should I do? Is SuiteCRM overkill for small business? I’m looking at using FreePBX already and would think being able to integrate with a CRM would be ideal for keeping track of what leads have been called/emailed.

Your business is B2C , that means you may not need “Accounts”, you may use this cycle flow

Prospects -> Leads -> Contacts + Opportunity.

for Emails CRM automatically keeps tracks of things when you use it correctly with outbound + Inbound email.

For Calling there are Tons of extension including Twilio etc.

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Thanks for the clarification!