Is suiteCRM can fit into my hotel group?

I’m new to here and I’m not professional IT man, but I need to make suggestion to my boss so I have to check some CRM software.

We have approx 100+ small motels in country.
And we have many supplier providing supplies/accessories for these motels (like uniforms, safety shoes, accessories…etc)

My planning is…

  1. Create a B2B( or B2E) website, put all accessories on the web, employees can order accessories, uniforms on the web, and then approval by the senior on that motel , then send to our head office (via email is ok) and then we make order to the suppliers

  2. On the website, due to supplier limitation (for example, in some states, motel#101 can served by Supplier A or B on accessories item #3001… But motel #201 can served only Supplier A or C on item #3001. But on item #3002 motel #101, and #201 can served by Supplier A,B,C … the website can have this ability ? )

  3. Some people suggest on (2) need to connect with Magento via API connect , but not sure if it is true (means suiteCRM can’t do ?)

  4. Need customization of the suiteCRM, make one model as one single organization, we just need user name, email address and position, make interface more simple (too much function in this moment) …

  5. the purchase approval flow within their own organization and when motel manager approves the item, then send back to HQ (that’s we ) …purchase department to make purchase to supplier (we make purchase via paper, email or even phone calls !)

So… I’m just wondering if this CRM can fit our requirements.



Welcome to the community!

I think that you could do it in SuiteCRM without problem. I see the next steps:

  1. Create custom module for accessories orders.
  2. Configure product catalog for suppliers.
  3. Registry all managers of motels in SuiteCRM.
  4. Do access for the managers to custom module only. (When users will see one module only it will be easy for the them.)

But you can’t do all in admin panel. You should write code using config files of SuiteCRM by PHP and JS.

You can find main informations about develepment here:

Hi, konetskiy

Thanks for your message.
for (3) how about employees ? They need the login also to place orders… BTW, can I import the employees & managers user name/email address/position/motel branch name …etc from external mysql db regularly? (let say once in a day )

But anyway, let me try to digg in the developer guide and see if any outstanding issues.

Once again, thanks a lot !


Yes, I think that it’s right a way.
They should have access to part of information only which relates to them.

Yes. You can write script which will be start through cron.

I think the most important part (maybe other users would like to know)

Does suiteCRM has a shopping cart (or something like that) function?
I need to show the items to the employees to buy and get approved by their managers… so …where should I put these items in ? inside this suiteCRM ? or really need a Magneto ?

If so, how about the items and login(s)? Need to create one more set and Magneto?

I know there must be a way to connect suiteCRM and Magneto …via API ? or cron jobs?

Thanks a lot.


I think that the logic should be other.
You wrote about ERP function. You can do it in SuiteCRM.

  1. Create custom module(s) for internal orders.
  2. Add logic using WorkFlow module for approve the order by manager.

I don’t know what is a Magneto. You can use next combinations:

  1. SuiteCRM (cron jobs) -> Magneto(API)
  2. Magneto (?) -> SuiteCRM (API)