Is Suite CRM Dead?

Hi everyone - kind of new around these parts.

I’m just wondering if Suite CRM has taken the same path as Vtiger - that is, it’s not being actively developed and is sitting in ‘bug fix’ mode for the rest of it’s life.

I used to use Vtiger - they killed it off slowely. I just want t make sure the same isn’t going on here…

Is there a development roadmap anywhere?
I havn’t noticed much growth in the add ons since i visited around a year ago, has that stopped>
What about integrating with other mainstream things like accounting systems (quick books is popular for some reason) or proper portal systems

I mean no disrespect, just trying to find out if I bother building this up or just go with Zoho or something similar.

On a slightly different, but relevant - topic: I’m looking for a simple world clock to display the time where my clients are. I am an Australian registered migration agent / lawyer - kind of helpful to know what time it is and where when looking at client records. I couldn’t find anything in the directory.

thanks to all who respond


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not being actively developed

Not sure how you get that impression. Check out the menu 'Community / Forums Announcements to see the steady stream of new versions.

Hi there

  • the team is growing

  • the translations are thriving

  • new features on every release

  • new release every 15 days or so

  • new theme coming up in the latest beta

  • it seems the add-ons section is not so energized, true

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Hi -

Sorry - I don’t understand your response. are you saying Vtiger is being actively developed? Unfortunately thats not the communities opinion.and, given they restrict development to their on demand (not open source edition) - I tend to agree with them.

Or did you mean Suite is being actively developed? if so, great! that was my question…


So you can not blame the community that is not helpful or developed here. On the contrary, nowhere do you get as much feedback and solutions as here and a comparison with VTiger is anything but not useful. No one here would like to see their customer data on external servers (Zoho or something).

A roadmap can be found here:

Quickbook integration has already been done many times, as well as a host of other applications. With a little effort suitecrm bring anything with what is needed for it.

So suitecrm is a good base to align the system to their own needs.

Thanks - I installed via one click. I asume I can still upgrade the normal way (through Suite update) to get the next version?

Also - I’m a little confused. seems to be a number of add ons on Google - but not in the directory. I notice those in the directory are checked by the team, so should i stay away from things like the integration addon for Suite and Quick Books? or just wing it…

One example is -

Apologies if my questions are frustrating for you guys - i’m feeling my way around things at the moment.



Yes, the upgrade can be installed via the Upgrade Wizard. It is advisable to install on a test environment ever before to see if the plug-ins function smoothly.

Podbox is a possibility - but this service will need access, I would not want to. The safe way would be or even here I have good experiences:, also a module for QuickBooks integration is availability.

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I have clearly offended - even though i tried to express my intention - I am new and am trying to figure things out. the comparison between different CRM was to assist people understand where I am coming from - that is a new person to a new crm and new way of doing things.

As noted - my apologies continue until I have been here for more than a few hours - it may assist you to know i come from the Joomla community and am in fact legally blind. That’s not an excuse, but a factor that impacts on my ability to quickly get familiar with this kind of softwares.

You say Quick Books has been done a number of time - I am unable to find anything on the directory. Can you assist direct me somewhere? and if you know of a world clock for Suite CRM that would be awesome also.

Once again - please accept my apologies for frustrating you and your community - it is not my intention.


Yes two ways I’ve already written.

Suitecrm is very complex and does not explain in a few lines.

The system is based on SugarCRM 6.5 - Documentation can be found here:

What makes suitecrm you can find here: