Is Opacus dead? Makers of Outlook/Thunderbird CRM plugin

Does anyone know if Opacus is dead?

I’ve tried to email them numerous time with no response. There is another post asking the same question - “Is Opacus dead?” -

There seem to be little to no activity on their site. Their last Twitter post was from last year Oct 2015.

The problem is my license expired and now I cant use SuiteCRM via email. I renewed my license but it wont work and they wont answer any email after numerous attempts. I just filed a PayPal case.

Without a email plugin does anyone have any workaround? I know with Salesforce I could sent it via a unique email alias?

I would hate to manually copy/paste every email into the system :frowning:

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There seems to very limited support now with Opacus.
There a few alternatives but nothing really with the same full functionality of Opacus.

I cant verify any of these fully work but it could be a starting point. Would need more of an idea about what you would like from it and the main point you would like but instead of having 1 plugin maybe it might be easier to find smaller plugins focusing on individual points.

If these don’t meet what your roughly looking for best to have a look on

Hi Cameron,

Thanks for input.

I ended up simply installing the SugarCRM Outlook plugin and Im now back to working order.

I really did not want to switch back to Outlook from Thunderbird since Outlook is such a resource hog, but I had no choice. This free plugin does the job, but I much prefer the Ocapus one. One limitation is that the plugin will only archive/search right from Outlook, - you cant actually create new entries from there. It manually has to be entered first into SuiteCRM, its a bit of a bummer…but oh well.

Hopefully Ocapus comes back to life… in the meantime I asked for a refund.


If Opacus is going out of business, and you manage to get in touch with them, please ask them to donate their code to the free, open-source, SuiteCRM project. : - )

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Will do - if and when they ever answer their emails.

Having their code would be great for the Sugar/SuiteCRM community,


After a little work on Google and LinkedIn it seems at least two of their main developers are now working for a company called Enable Technologies.

I don’t have a LinkedIn account myself but if anybody does, it should be easy to get in touch with them. SalesAgility have the moral authority to ask people for code donations because they also donated quite a lot of valuable code. At least, it doesn’t hurt to ask…

This was released yesterday i think

That’s the one I have. They will take your money but they wont send you a license to actually use it.

Is there anyone else out there in the same situation. I cant be the only one on this planet who had to renew their license (yearly)??

He actually left a comment there days ago:

Yes it is still being developed

by Jonathan Cutting (Developer) on November 15, 2016 · permalink · translate

Thank you for your generous review. Please contact for assistance.

So if I were you I would just try contacting again (to that address). Good luck.

Hi Karma, thanks for this. I emailed the developer directly and still got no response. Its okay PayPal refunded me the money so its okay. It was more the principal than anything else.

Sorry to bump an old thread. Referring to the post about the add-on’s code being donated under an open license, I believe the standard edition is already open source under the GPL:

The Professional version is another matter, however.

By virtue of Opacus’ continued absence of support or communication (heck, their online store doesn’t even run HTTPS), at this point I think we can safely consider Opacus and Thunderbird integration a dead end.


I really wish somebody could get in touch with them just one last time and get them to donate their code to the project…

Do you know if that code on GitHub is very incomplete, when compared to the Pro version?

I’ll continue the thread tradition of adding a reply at no less than six monthly intervals.

It may interest you to know that the extension was updated recently to support SugarCRM v8 and Thunderbird 60. The only material change in SuiteCRM that broke the extension was the removal of the serialize API input/output type, and this was addressed with an earlier update to the Standard and Professional versions.

Note that the website does now run HTTPS.

We also recently added the ability to revoke licenses for users by logging in to the Customer Portal on the site.

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Hello Opacus

I am happy to hear that your company is up and running, and updating your software.

But, I renewed my license 5 months ago, and in my account, I never got an updated license code to enter into my Thunderbird opacus. In my account, it shows a payment for a license, but in the license page, there is not a new one available. ONly shows my expired one.

I’ve also written 7 emails(sales, support,helpdesk) over the course of these past 5 months, including the one from this morning before learning about this thread. How much more do I have to do get my license turned on?

You might be around, but your lack or answering you emails and making sure that when a payment is made for your software licesne works, makes it hard to take advantage of the software I like and the pro version I paid for,

My recent forum posting that lead me to your recent reply:



I posted an additional message to that messge stream. Hopefully they will read it.


Just got an answer from Opacus! So it looks like they are still alive (even though it took almost a month to receive an answer to my email)

Hello Fanton

I am very happy that you got an email for them.

I’ve been writing since April. 7 months now. I started writing because I renewed my license, and their online website never gave me a new code to enter into their module to make ti work. I paid, but got no code!!!

I’ve written to them at least 7 times, to the 3 email addresses that I have for them. They could at lest say I am sorry, my business partner died, or is super sick, or something and things are on hold. But, silence is frustrating.

If you talk to them again, let them know that others are waiting…