Is it safe to manually remove the tables associated with a module after removing a package?

Hello. I have removed a package that includes a module. I notice that the table associated with this module remains in the database. Is it safe to just delete the table? Is there something else to take into account?

I consult it because I deleted the package due to mistakes I made and it seemed better to start from scratch, so I will create the module with the same name again and I want to avoid some kind of conflict

The tables related to the module created are the following.

| TABLE_NAME           |
| ttona_aulseras       |
| ttona_aulseras_audit |

I suggest just renaming the tables to something like ttona_aulseras_old and testing to see if anything breaks.

Try also a QR&R

Thanks for comment. I rename the tables. And then I identify that the package in question still appears in the module loader list. when removing it, it asks me if I want to remove the tables and here I confirm that it does

You can find all references to it by searching:

  • all files in the SuiteCRM folder:

grep -irn ttona_aulseras .

  • all tables in the database for the string ttona_aulseras:

How to search entire database from phpMyAdmin

By finding all places referencing the file, you perfect your clean-up