Is it possible to upgrade from suitecrm 7.13 to 8.2?

Today I upgraded to 7.13 and only now I checked that the guide to upgrade to 8.2 is from 7.12… what can I do now about the future upgrades?

The early 8.x versions did not have upgrade code yet, so they used more manual processes.

But now the latest ones should be straight-forward to upgrade.

Just go here

and grab

8.2.4 Upgrade from 7.13.x

I tryedto upload the packet from the upgrade withard of the 7.13.2 but after the upload it can’t find the packet… so maybe I have to wait for the next update?

I just downloaded the package to have a look, and you’re right, it’s not an upgrade wizard package, it’s a zip file with full folder contents of the new SuiteCRM, so it should be applied with the manual process that requires unzipping, copying files, and running a script.

I think this is the correct process, but I am not 100% sure. So don’t try it unless you have full backups and a way to go back in case it breaks…