Is it possible to upgrade from suitecrm 7.13 to 8.2?

Today I upgraded to 7.13 and only now I checked that the guide to upgrade to 8.2 is from 7.12… what can I do now about the future upgrades?

The early 8.x versions did not have upgrade code yet, so they used more manual processes.

But now the latest ones should be straight-forward to upgrade.

Just go here

and grab

8.2.4 Upgrade from 7.13.x

I tryedto upload the packet from the upgrade withard of the 7.13.2 but after the upload it can’t find the packet… so maybe I have to wait for the next update?

I just downloaded the package to have a look, and you’re right, it’s not an upgrade wizard package, it’s a zip file with full folder contents of the new SuiteCRM, so it should be applied with the manual process that requires unzipping, copying files, and running a script.

I think this is the correct process, but I am not 100% sure. So don’t try it unless you have full backups and a way to go back in case it breaks…

The fastcomet support tryed to upgrade for me (in the sgared space) to upgrade my suitecrm 7.13.x to 8.2 , but it not worked, here them answer:

I’d like to inform you that even though the official documentation is for upgrading version 7.12.x to 8.x, while the current version of the website is 7.13.2, and the documentation itself is not very clear, I followed the steps and tried to perform the upgrade quite a few times, but unfortunately, without success.

The upgrade itself seemed successful

But in the website’s directory, there were much fewer files than in the original website with version 7.12.x, including missing a configuration file.

This resulted in loading an “Index of” page when I tested it

I was able to access the website after adding /public to the URL

However, after all, attempts, I believe that was still the old version, which according to the official guide was moved to the following directory:

I restored the website so it’s working again in its old stage.

It’s possible that the upgrade went correctly, but they didn’t set up the new docRoot correctly.

I can’t help much without more detail: exactly which tutorial was being followed, at which step things started going wrong, etc.

It’s possible that in order for them to succeed they might have to keep an eye both on the v8 installations instructions (which have stuff about the DocRoots and mod rewrites) and the upgrade documentation which is more about running the script…

I’m sorry you’re having all this trouble