Is it possible to Send Emails directly from Account Page?


I am new to SuiteCRM. It would be very kind if someone kenn tell me, if it is possible to directly send an email from the accounts view. So I am looking for a Button (ore Module?) on the Accounts Screen where I can click and then the email window in SuiteCRM opens. In this Email Screen the account should then be prepopulated and the relationship be assigned (to the account).

Is this possible with SuiteCRM?


That is the default behaviour when you simply click on the Email address.

You can try it here: (user:will, pass: will)

  • Go to accounts module
  • enter a specific account (this is called the Detail view)
  • if the Account has a defined email address, it will appear as a link
  • when you click it, a “Compose email” window appears, and the relationship to the account is pre-populated, and also the “to:” address
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Thanks very much! Thanks to your answer I realized I clicked that button but missed the litte “arraow down” icon that shows the Menu with the “Email” entry.

Feedback/Suggestion for Improvement of the UX (User Experience) Usability would be, to increase the size of the downward arrow icon a little bit!

I don’t think we’re looking at the same thing… I don’t have to click any dropdown.

I just click the email address in the Account’s Detail View: