Is it possible to migrate from SugarCRM 6.7.12 to SuiteCRM

Is it possible to migrate from SugarCRM Professional 6.7.12 to SuiteCRM? I’ve been looking for documentation but it seems that it was only possible from earlier versions. Is there documentation that I have missed? Please point me in the right direction.

We’re using Sugar OnDemand to host our system. After I figure out if it’s possible to migrate to SuiteCRM (I’m assuming that it is), then my next challenge is to figure out how to get Sugar to send me a database export. I don’t imagine that they’re interested in helping us move to SuiteCRM.

It is possible to do so but there is not a direct upgrade package that I am aware of. One way to do it would be to get a copy of the database then setup a hosting account and import the database. You would then just configure an installation of SuiteCRM to point to your imported database. There will be a few minor issues to overcome such as version numbers not matching and the like which will flag up errors but these can be easily resolved. You would then do a quick repair and rebuild twice from the admin panel and execute any queries that are flagged up.

It may not go entirely smoothly and there might be some issues to resolved but it can be done.

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We are working on the same project and it is very apparent to me that no one in this industry is interested in empowering users… I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found export tools or backup tools WITHOUT appropriate import or restore from back up tools… Lazy? Stupid? or Evil? take your pick… IMPO anyone that gets in bed with these weasles shouldn’t expect to get kissed.

Rant end: we did have momentary success with a faststack MAMPStack for OSX made to run sugarcrm-community locally. Our SugarCRM On-Demand 7.7.? backup was not compatible so we swapped in the htdocs folder from an install of suiteCRM and it ran and accessed some of our data but the htdocs folder also contains data not held in the MySql database which was obviously missing… When we tried to monkey with that part of the backup (which appears as a folder full of crap in the On-Demand backup… aka- not a sugar7710pro.sql or sugar7710pro_triggers.sql file) it screwed up some PHP element and we ended up with a white/blank screen rather than a log-in on the subsequent launch…

No luck so far with server side solution but I’m pretty convinced that suiteCRM is the only viable solution short of a lobotomy, liquor, and lower expectations.