Is it possible to instal Suite Crm on a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Packard Enterprise Proliant Microserver Gen10

Hi Everybody, I am interrested in buying a small server(Hewlett Packard Enterprise Packard Enterprise Proliant Microserver Gen10), and wnated to know if it is possible to install Suite Crm on it.

I do not have much skills in this types of things, so thank you very much for your help.

I don’t think there is a simple answer to that. Let me put it on a simple way: SuiteCRM runs on a web server. Web server runs on a OS. OS can be installed on hardware that meets the minimum requirements.
Hardware is just one of various layers that make up the entire system.

For more information check the compatibility matrix here:

Here is a conversation about hardware:



All you need to install wamp or xampp, which should come up php version more than 5.6 , MySQL more than 5.6. This should be straight to install after these all server things.