Is it possible to import LDAP security groups to a SuiteCRM user field?

I have already modified …\LDAPConfigs\default.php to support the importing of a few other attributes, like department and title - and this works great!

I can import the attribute “memberOf” from Active Directory into a custom SuiteCRM field, but because of the way LDAP is queried only the last group the user was added to is imported into that field. I tried specifying “memberOf=CN=CRMUsers,OU=SuiteCRM,DC=mydomain,DC=local” as the attribute to import, but then it just stops processing completely.

Is there any other way I might be able to import the DN or some other piece of useful LDAP information about a user’s security groups into SuiteCRM? This would be incredibly useful for giving me a way to automate role assignment, and fully integrate with LDAP.

Unfortunately I don’t know much about LDAP

Can you please post the changes you made to .\LDAPConfigs\default.php to support the importing of a few other attributes, like department, etc.?



Did you have any luck with this ?

I’m facing a problem with keeping the Custom Attributes in LDAP & SuiteCRM Synchronised. They pull over fine on the 1st login but never sync afterwards. This is an obvious pain when setting up LDAP Security Groups.

Do you manage to overcome this issue ?