Is it possible to have two (or more) different languages in one SuiteCRM database?

For our situation it would be optimal to have two different languages to work with: Dutch as well as English. Is that possible in one database?

You can find different language packs from here
Once you are done with installation. You will have an option during login to choose the language.

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I have the same problem but I dont know how to instal other language.
I have downloaded the language but inside CRM there is no module like “update” in which I should put language package.

Could you give me more informations about how to update a language?

EDIT: We are working on UNIVENTION server.

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I’ve found how to activate Admin Panel where I entered “Upgrade Wizard” Module.
After I pick up zip with language and try to upload it system shows me a weird message (i cant add attachments here) that tells me “You can only upload patches on this page.”
Could you tell me where should I put a language zip?

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Problem solved. I installed it via Module Instaler on Admin Panel.