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Is it possible to customise the code behind the "Add Group" button within "Create Quote"?

I am new to SuiteCRM. I managed to install Version 7.10.27 a few months ago and got it running. With the help of the documentation and the numerous posts in this community, I gradually tried and tested with some successes related to simple customisation like adding custom fields, module logic hooks, PDF template, and entry points and modifying view layouts. I have the following requirement. I am still clueless on how to approach it.

The desired outcome is that during the creation of a new quote, when the user clicks on the “ADD GROUP” button, 2 groups are created, the first one has a default group name of “Items with List Price”, and the second one with the default group name of “Items without List Price”.

I attempted to hunt for the code behind the “ADD GROUP” button (hoping that I could copy-and-modify to implement some logic hook) without success. Files that I explored includes /modules/AOS_Quotes/metadata/editviewdefs.php and /modules/AOS_Quotes/AOS_Quotes.php.

Appreciate if you can advise if what I am trying to do is feasible and/or point a new direction for me to explore. Thank you.

The groups in Quotes and Invoices are managed by AOS_Line_Item_Groups. Also it might happen that module AOS_Products_Quotes is also involved

Yes, I found the answers that I was looking for in these 2 files: modules/AOS_Products_Quotes/line_items.js and modules/AOS_Products_Quotes/Line_Items.php. Now I can move on to explore how to customise them in a proper (upgrade-safe) manner. Thank you very much for pointing the right direction to me!

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