Is it possible to automatically associate email threads with the corresponding records in the CRM?


I’m wondering how you would associate email threads (inbound and outbound messages) with the records that contain the email in the from/to address. For example, if you have Contact John Doe with email, is there a way to automatically associate all messages sent to him and from him to us in his Contact record?

What’s a good starting point for coding this functionality? Is GitHub the only place to get information on querying the database for existing records or is there a formal module customization guide?

This is already done automatically via standard functionality.
You don’t have to do anything to achieve it.

Maybe I am unclear or I have come upon a bug. Here is the ideal steps:

1, Go to Email Module
2. Click “Check Mail”
3. New Unread emails that are from email addresses in the CRM are automatically imported and related to those records

Currently step 3 is manually done by selecting the email and clicking import to SugarCRM. I need a way to do this automatically with code or workflows.

maybe step 3 :
in admin section : inbound email : Import Emails Automatically is checked for me.
maybe for user email it’s different.
We have too sheduler and cron activated

Hi, did you find a solultion for this?

Only the Group Inbound Emails you set up in the Admin section are automatically checked with a scheduler. Email addresses set up by the Users are considered “personal” and are not automatically checked unless you are on the Emails page.

You can tell the Group Inbound Emails to automatically import into the CRM. But you can’t do that for Personal email accounts.

I’m currently looking for a solution to this problem that will keep the code updatable.

Should I create a new scheduler and replicate the existing behavior of the Group Emails? I’m tempted to just go into the existing scheduler and hack it.

Maybe you should create an alternative scheduler that does both and disable the original one so that it is update safe.

If it works please share it and, possibly contribute it to github.