is import going to fire emails to contacts ?


I’m new to this forum and to suitecrm.

I’m preparing a move from salesforce to suitecrm and will be importing the following data:

  • accounts
  • contacts
  • cases , with case comments and chatter feed
  • emails linked to cases and contacts
  • products
  • items
  • quotes
  • kb
    well almost every module… :slight_smile:

I have prepared a php application that is sorting all data and will insert them in suitecrm using the sugar api

everything is working well on test instance but i did not insert contact email addresses or emails yet, because i would like to confirm first that suitecrm will not send notification emails or send again all emails that i will import.

i did not find yet which mysql entry (if there is) is firing emails.



is there anyone who can help me ?

Thank you.

Hello, For the time being till import, remove the email settings and uncheck the assignment notification. That would work.

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Thank you,
I was wondering if all notification emails were not going to be queued in mysql and sent when email settings will be added.

I confirm that it worked

  • remove the email settings
  • uncheck the assignment notification.

topic closed, thanks