Is anyone using AlinaSol's Project Management extension with SuiteCRM?

I’m testing this out, and the ASOLProjects module seems to fit our needs very nicely, except that I thought it was odd that I couldn’t get a list of all of my open tasks, which seemed like a pretty important thing. I started poking around and found that it looks there are 4 modules: Project, ProjectManagementCommon, ProjectTask, and ProjectVersion. Through some URL manipulation, I can get the page to load for the ProjectTask module, but I don’t see a menu entry for it, not even in the menu editor. It looks like there should also be a dashlet, but that doesn’t show up either, so it looks like there’s something wrong in my installation. I’ve tried this in two different instances with the same results. Does anyone have it installed and work properly?

I managed to get the dashlet to show up after running some of the repair options, but I’m still having odd results with the menu. I noticed that if I go directly to /index.php?module=asol_ProjectTask , Not only do I get the Project Tasks page, but the dropdown menus actually show “AsolProjectTasks”. If I navigate away from that page to a different module, that link no longer shows up in the menu. Does this mean anything to anyone with a better understanding of SuiteCRM menu’s than I have?


This might be best for the ASOL team rather than here as they will have a better understanding of their module.

if it is simliar to the core Project module then the project tasks module is found inside the project module as a extra menu item.