Is anyone successfully running 8.3.0?

Having spent the better part of two days trying to get 8.3.0 to work, and failing, I’m wondering if there are people that have successfully installed 8.3.0 from scratch and manage to actually use it?

I’ve tried PHP-FPM 7.4 and PHP-FPM 8.0; I’m running Apache and MariaDB.

My installation completes successfully; I’ve tried both the “GUI installer” and using bin/console… both methods complete successfully. But then I can’t login.

There are CSRF token issues, there are invalid API posts (“PHP format not allowed here”), etc. etc.

If anyone else is eager to play with SuiteCRM 8.3.0 and running into issues similar to my hair-pulling experience, you may want to give the Bitnami SuiteCRM Docker image a try. It’s reasonably easy to use and configure. You won’t be able to tweak it as much as a “native environment”, but it’ll get you up and running with SuiteCRM in no time.

I have always appreciated Bitnami’s work but I usually don’t recommend it for SuiteCRM because it makes stack upgrades quite hard. It’s been years since I tried it, so I don’t know what might have changed…

Maybe you should try the current one(s). Not sure if they have improved in that regard, but it certainly makes it a lot easier to get SuiteCRM “up and running” with little or no fuss.

But yes, I can see where a stack upgrade or platform upgrade may be more complex if you’re using a Docker image for it.

The basic question is: how do you upgrade PHP, or DB, or Apache, in Bitnami container? The answer a few years ago was “use a newer container and migrate your app” which is impractical for SuiteCRM. I suspect their philosophy hasn’t changed (it makes sense for other things).

I agree. And I normally stay away from Docker because of the “black box” concept, and because I typically want to understand what is and what isn’t working, and why. But this time, I had to surrender.

And yes, I’m sure this may become an issue at some point, even for this instance. But if the issue I ran into is ever fixed/handled, I’d probably attempt to migrate the Docker data to a later SuiteCRM environment outside Docker. If that is successful, I’d put the Docker image out to pasture :blush:

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yes i am … 8.3.0 new install…10:06 AM 5/26/2023 - SuiteCRM Forum - English Language / Installation & Upgrade Help - SuiteCRM…working on php 8.2.6

Interesting. Thanks for the feedback. I don’t recognize any of your troubles as those in my situation, but I’m glad you figured out the issues you were having.