Is 7.9.4 Suitable for a Production Environment?

So is anyone using 7.9.4 and using the email client, and if so, would you say it’s ready for a Production Environment or still too many issues (not necessarily just with email client.) Or should I wait for a couple more releases?

I’m afraid I still wouldn’t recommend 7.9.4 for anyone who needs to use the Email module.

There are also a few new problems with Module Builder (the fix already known, but isn’t released yet) and PDF Templates.

Is there a rough ETA on the fix for the email and PDF templates. I really hate the idea of restoring a version that had security vulnerabilities. Not to mention the risk of downgrading.

The email module is really crucial to how we use the application. I’m now up to 3 sales people on it and they are hammering me to switch to Zoho.


The security is not a concern because 7.8 is LTS release, it’s what you’re supposed to be running if you want to be secure, risk-free and stable.

This means that every security fix also gets included in the 7.8 branch, that’s why you have 7.8.5 released recently.

For 7.9, the new minor releases have been happening every two weeks. The module builder and some of the Email bugs are already fixed in Github, but not the Template bug (yet - I don’t think it will be too difficult), and some other email bugs. So we’ll just have to wait and see and it unravels. I don’t speak for SalesAgility so I’m not promising anything.