iPhone / iOS app

Is there native iOS / iPhone app for suite?

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You can try QuickCRM, available at SuiteCRM Store or quickcrm.fr

Thanks blqt ,
i m finding native app, while quickcrm works functionally but looking like web or hybrid.

If you want to develop a native app for SuiteCRM, i would suggest that put your attention on new SuiteCRM version 8 which has a totally new tech base. That would not waste your efforts.

Are V8 api are full replacement of V41 ?

If I was starting an API project today, I’d try to use the GraphQL API that comes with Suite8.

Bot only if I didn’t need to support the 7.x version, of course.

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this would be really amazing. The apps I tried so far didn’t work for V8. :frowning:
To build an app in the same open source manner inside the repo would be amazing. I can make bug reports/ reviews and contribute ideas/designs etc.

You can volunteer here for contributing to CRM with any skills that you have.