iPad browser issue

Keep running into an issue on my iPad and iPhone when opening SuiteCRM 7.1.1. Had the same issue on previous versions too. When I login using my ipad I can get to the dashboard fine once but if I go to any module it won’t show any content on the screen. I can go to edit or create an item but when I go to lost view or even detail view mode it just shows a blank screen with the menu bar at the top and that is it.

I removed my entire sugarcrm/suitecrm install. Loaded a brand new install from a fresh download of suitecrm 7.1.1 Max and still the same issue.

Since I am mostly away from my office is, primarily on my ipad or iphone. A native app would be great but sadly not in the cards right now so I would rather stick to the browser if it will work.

Any suggestions?

Hi there,

The theme was not built with responsive code so it will not work well on mobile devices, although it should not completely white screen. Do you experience any of these issues on your main desktop/laptop browser?



Nope, works perfectly fine on my desktop and everywhere else it’s just on the ipad and iphone

I am having the same issue with SuiteCRM 7.2.2. Reported it here:

Exactly the same symptoms.