Invoices generating blank PDFs

After updating to version 7.12.0, invoices are generating blank PDFs without any data.

I’m having a similar on contracts when exporting the results when report has date condition. Both PDFs and CSV files are empty. Not sure if it is related.

SuiteCRM 7.12.0 Version fresh zip missing the PDF Library. Can you please check you have PDF Library in the following path or not,


If it’s not available then copy from the existing version like SuiteCRM 7.11.x and Upload it.

If it’s available then can you please open the file from the following path and check the code as highlighted in the screenshot,


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The comma was indeed there, but unfortunately removing it did not help.
Any other suggestions?

Check your logs for errors

Unfortunately there is nothing of interest in the logs

I find it hard to believe there’s really nothing logged. Maybe you’re looking at the wrong files, or need to increase log level…

How did you upgrade? Did you use the normal Upload package, or some other method (like a git pull)? You could be missing a composer update --no-dev

I have checked the php log and the only error is
[30-Nov-2021 17:21:30 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: None in D:\CRM\SugarCRM\apps\SuiteCRM\htdocs\vendor\tecnickcom\tcpdf\include\tcpdf_colors.php on line 260