Invoices and quotes line items total not including VAT

Good day,

I recently update suite form a very old version to the latest LTS version, after much struggle everything seems to be working correctly, except for quote and invoice line item totals, it seems to be displaying the list price and not adding the VAT percentage ( $aos_products_quotes_product_total_price ). I have tested it on a clean install and the problem persists. Any idea how one would resolve this issue?

Soonest response would be greatly appreciated.

Here is an example of the issue on the semo site.

Have you searched Github to see if someone already opened an Issue for this?

Yes, I have checked github, didn’t see anything.

If you open the Browser Console (Press F12 and select console tab) do you see any Javascript errors in that? With console panel left open, if you add item row or change the Quantity, do you see any Errors?