Invoice "Total" reverts to "0"

I’m creating a new invoice and when I enter the “Total”, the “Subtotal” and skip the shipping by pressing tab, the entered total and subtotal reverts back to 0? Please see attached screenshot. Screenshot 1 shows the fields populated and screenshot 2 shows the fields reverting back to 0. What am I doing wrong? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


On the invoices module, the fields at the bottom, including the “Total”, “Discount” and “Subtotal” fields are auto-generated by the totals made up from the line items.

From your screenshot I see that you have not added any line items, (Which can be done with “Add Group”, then choosing a product line/service line)

As there is no line items, there is no total that can be made up from line items. Thus, these fields revert back to ‘0’

Some information on Line items can be found here:
under the section header “4. Quotes Module”

Hopefully that clears up your issue!

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Awesome. Thank you!