Invoice is duplicated some times when a quote is convert to invoice

I found that some time when a user convert quote to invoice the system create two records with similar information with invoice number consecutive, this is like the process is runnig two times.
This error happens suddenly is not for all convert process.
There are some wotkflows associated to invoce creation, but any create records only update some fields.

I have checked to convert Quotes to Invoices. I didn’t face this kind of problem.
Is it possible for you to share your SuiteCRM Credentials and Server Details to review your issue?


Thanks for taking the time to review this issue. Even though this issue has not appeared since I reported. The site address is

Do you need admin credentials or can I create an special profile to you?

Doy you work for salesagility?

If you are still facing a problem then give us the Admin Credentials and Server Details where you hosted your SuiteCRM?
As you mentioned that issue has not appeared since you reported than currently no need for access. If you face any issues then share the Access with me.