Invoice correction

I’m at the stage of evaluating that suiteCRM would be suitable for my company needs. the sales part like: opportunities, contacts, accounts is perfectly fine. Right now moving to the part related to invoicing.
The invoice module is suitable for issuing invoices. the pdf template is really cool and gives a lot of flexibility.
However, I’m missing one very important feature.
If you issue the invoice and make some mistake you have to issue the invoice correction. This is the financial document which has to be recorded in your bookings as well as invoices.
In Poland, you have to issue the invoice correction and mark fields which were incorrect, provided new values, What is the difference (+ or - grant total) and the description of mistake.

Did you try to achieve such functionality?

This functionality doesn’t exist in SuiteCRM, but you should be able to do it with some customization. Isn’t this just a special template?

I also never heard of anyone asking for this here in the Forums…

that’s a pity.
this is regulated in polish low. I would like to use the invoicing module but without correction … :frowning:

If you create a special template for “Correction Invoice”, what exactly is missing, what is the problem?