Invisible language

I followed all instruction mentioned in topics about problems with dropdown edit. There was instruction in which many people mentioned, that I need to disable all languages exept english. In Locale section in admin panel i saw three languages (ENG, ES, RU).

ES is invisible language in Languages section. In Firebug I see two languages selected as Disabled (RU and Es), but i cannot see ES on list.

This is not critical, but it took me some time, to find out, where is the third language :slight_smile:

I’am using latest version og SuiteCRM downloaded from official site.

Hi there,

I have looked at my installation and the Spanish language string shows in Admin -> Languages.

I presume you are running SuiteCRM 7.1.4?



That’s correct. This is latest version. Three of them (one of them installed on localhost), have the same issue.

As I said, it is not critical :slight_smile: