Invalid File Reference

This error exist when I migrated from an existing instance (version 7.9.7) to a newly installed instance (version 7.10.7).

Followed all steps as describe on this forum to migrate, exported existing database and imported to newly installed database. All clients, accounts, leads, task, etc. where restore and found on the newly installed database. However, documents appear to have made it across as well. But, when the document is selected for viewing SuiteCRM is unable to render and the following message appears on the browser. “Invalid File Reference”. It appears as if the references to the documents are faulty.
Can anyone help me to resolve the situation?

Thank you in advance.

You have to migrate between the exact same version of database.

If you migrate a 7.9.7 database to a 7.10.7, you get a broken SuiteCRM.

If you did migrate between equal versions, then your problem might be with missing files from the upload directory. You need to migrate that directory, that’s where Documents, Photos, Attachments, etc are stored.

Thank you for the info. I have copied all the documents from the old file system (/upload) to the new install and it seems that it has worked. I no longer get the Invalid File Reference error.

Thanks again

Hello. I have this exact same issue. Would you kindly instruct how I migrate the upload directory?

Thank you and Merry Christmas!!