Introduction to SuiteCRM - Some questions

Hi everyone,

We have been considering switching over from the current CRM we have been using to a new one.

SuiteCRM does look promising, but I have a few questions:

  1. I could not really gather anything about hosting. What options do I have for cloud hosting and what are the approximate costs involved?
  2. Can I retain my old web-to-lead forms with SuiteCRM without compromising their look and feel?
  3. Can SUiteCRM be integrated with WordPress-powered websites?
  4. Is there any word-limit or any other constraint (say size) imposed by SuiteCRM on emails/email templates?
  5. Can I integrate SuiteCRM with Gmail?
  6. What about data migration? Is it a paid service? Does SuiteCRM handle data migration too?
  7. Is SuiteCRM customizable? If yes, then do we have to rely on a third party to help us with the customization?
  8. Also, what about SuiteCRM on the go? Does it have a mobile app? If yes, then is it a paid service?

Too many questions, but this would really help us know if SuiteCRM is what we’ve been looking for. :slight_smile:


  1. All of this is on the suiteCRM website or you can call us and make a hosting and support enquiry.
  2. Yes
  3. Yes but will require some custom coding, we have integrated with WordPress sites before but there is a built in portal for Joomla
  4. No (limits could be increased if there was)
  5. There is limited support (I think)
  6. If you wanted us to handle the data migration for you then it would be a paid service. Its possible to import data in CSV format into suiteCRM.
  7. Yes its highly customizable, all layouts and fields can be re-arranged, hidden etc via studio in the admin section of suiteCRM. You can also add custom fields and basic modules via the back end without any development knowledge. If you wanted advanced customisation then you would have to hire somebody who knows SugarCRM/SuiteCRM development to do it for you.

There is free 3rd party mobile app that comes with SuiteCRM but its limited to viewing records the full version is a paid service.

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