Integration SuiteCRM localhost with 3cx


I was downloaded SuiteCRM version 8.5 and it seems very good

I need to integrate SuiteCRM that is localhost with my 3cx to make calls and see history of calls that inbound or outbound,… etc

I tried hard to find any API or any ways to integrate but no solution

how can I integrate SuiteCRM with 3cx

thank you

Yes, the 3CX PBX VOIP telephony integration, using API V8, is available here for free:

thank you so much

but please can you tell me how can I add this file xml

this the first time I go with that

so take this file and modify it with the fixing in github and then put it in the folder of suitecrm

and setup suitecrm again or what

I appreciate your help

another thing

Did 3CX can not see the localhost SuiteCRM

if yes how can I make it been seen for 3cx

The XML file is for you to install on the 3CX PBX side. Your 3CX PBX will communicate with your Suite thru the Suite API V8 to find and display the caller name from the phone number, etc.

This is a network/system administration question. To make 3CX see your SuiteCRM, one way is to assign a subdomain name of your organization’s domain name, to the SuiteCRM. Example, if your 3CX PBX is already assigned to the subdomain “”, then assign the subdomain “” to your Suite.
At your organization, do you have an admin of your organization’s domain “” and DNS server? Can you contact and request for the subdomain be assigned to Suite app server’s public IP address, so that 3CX PBX server can communicate with your Suite app thru the name ?

hi, thank you for this xml template.
i got i to work. but when it’s get to the schenario ReportCalli can’t get the variables for AccountID or ContactType, these are empty… so the note is created with the wrong / no Relation. do you have an idea what i’m doing wrong?
thank you

@Roland.P :bulb: Please post your above question, about the empty values in variables AccountID and ContactType, on the 3CX subforum for “other CRM” (for Suite and all other CRM) here:

thx yes i have done it

thank you for you replay this very useful for me
but I have a problem that when I wnay to create new contact it is not create

what I mean that when new number appear to me in 3cx is ringing
I click add contact
I add details then choose add this number in CRM

then okay

when I check CRM there is no added thing in CRM

so what is the problem

Check 3CX Console > Settings > CRM Integration > Test button > Logs tab.
You see in that tab the request details 3CX is sending to Suite CRM, and the response.

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How to export the all calls from 3CX for the last 30 days? :thinking: :thinking: :dizzy_face:

There are two main ways to export call data from 3CX for the last 30 days:

Using the Built-in Call Log Export:

  1. Access the 3CX Management Console.
  2. Navigate to the “Call Log” section.
  3. Click the “Filter” button and select “Last 30 days” from the time range options.
  4. You can optionally set additional filters for extensions, call direction (inbound/outbound), or answered/unanswered calls.
  5. Click the “Export” button. This will typically generate a CSV file containing the call details for the filtered period.

Using the 3CX Exporter (for advanced users):

This method involves a third-party tool and is recommended for those who need a more automated solution or require data for further analysis.

  1. Consider using the 3CX Exporter tool. This tool can extract call data and store it in a database (like SQL Server or MySQL).
  2. Once the data is in the database, you can utilize various reporting tools (Excel, Power BI, etc.) to analyze and export the call data for the last 30 days according to your needs.


  • The specific steps and options might vary slightly depending on your 3CX version.
  • The built-in export offers a basic report, while the 3CX Exporter provides more flexibility but requires more setup.

If you’re unsure or need help, check the 3CX documentation, reach out to 3CX support team, or post on the 3CX forum.

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