Integration - Prestashop / WebERP / FrontAccounting and Voip Client

Hi a newbie/lurker here!

I have a couple of question, in addition to congratulations for the existence and progress of SuiteCRM …

Does anyone integrate with Prestashop? I’ve seen but that appears to have been last updated several years ago and even the manual link is dead?! Any other products or thoughts on the link?

Also looking for a Voip client, we use 3CX and Bria soft clients with plantronics blue tooth headsets *windows XP and 7) and cut and paste the numbers, which is not great, is there anything that provides a click to call feature?

Finally we are planning to use either WebERP or FrontAccounting for our financials, are there any sync tools for these anyone can recommend or indeed an alternative package with similar features?

thanks in advance

Hi stripey,

I can only suggest that you do some searching and look on similar forums to look for any suggestions/good recommendations. There are websites such as Sugar Outfitters which have a library of extensions, and also the SuiteCRM Extensions Directory.



Have a look at Odoo, it’s probably the best open source financials app.

Odoo - SugarCRM (SuiteCRM) integration / connector / sync has been made, via Zapier, via Talend Open Studio, and many other connectors.

Odoo integrates with Prestashop, here’s a link from a highly rated company that makes an Odoo - Prestashop integration.