Integration of suiteCRM with ostickets

Hi, any one can tell me how to use the ostickets with suitecrm.


I just searched the SuiteCRM Store and there seems to be no add-on already made for that integration.

So you would have to work on that integration yourself: deciding which parts you need to integrate, in which direction (which app takes the initiative to call the other, and when).

You’ll have to see if you want to use the OSTickets API

or SuiteCRM’s REST API, or both.

I’m working on an integration written in python 3.10
It will work with SuiteCRM v8.0+ (for as long as the sql database structure remains the same)

The goal is to make SuiteCRM the primary customer record
It will add to Osticket’s user list with relevant data like name, phone number and email.

Osticket will pass open ticket numbers and the description of the ticket and enter it into the “cases” field as well as “touchpoints.”

There’s a lot of work to do in between my normal day-to-day business operations, so it may be a while until it’s usable.

For those looking for this, keep an eye out for me to post updates on the progress. I can’t take feature requests right now, just too busy with everything else, but it’ll gain functionality as it matures and funding becomes available to spend more time on it.

Are you using the new GraphQL API in SuiteCRM v8?

It’s not the same thing as the “v8 API”.

You should probably use the newest (the GraphQL one)

Actually no APIs yet. It was all done through SQL, python pulls the relevant data, parses it and then writes the info to Suitecrm, the first time it runs, it will build the “master_library” database wherever you want it, make a table with users and their relevant info like CRM-id and OSticket-id, account-id where applicable, and that is used to compare users data against each server and synchronize it, with suitecrm being what it updates everything on (at the moment)

This version may not be publicly released, im using it internally on our DEV VMs and looking for opportunities to improve function and test for bugs at the moment.

But you are right, APIs can probably clean up the code quite a bit.

So far it’s been running about 2 weeks without issues on the server. All vms in this stack are running Ubuntu server, python 3.9 to 3.11, mariaDB, suitecrm 8.2, osticket 1.16(I think… I’ll have to verify)

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If anyone is Curious, I’ve finished Version 1 of the program. I plan to try and put it up in the SuiteCRM store in the near future. All tickets will show up in the “cases” module under the Account of the user, if they are just a contact, it won’t associate yet. (My IT company Carbon Digital Solutions works with a lot of B2B stuff, so “accounts” are considered the business entity and contacts are people within the orgs. so It made sense to do it this way.)

The Description is equal to the ticket number, case IDs are randomly generated strings using the random module in Python (SQL backed) the case number is equal to the Ticket ID in Osticket.

A URL is also generated in the description field to take you to your Osticket instance’s ticket record.

If there’s demand, I’ll have the capital to go in there and improve the code and add features, but for now, it’s not on the agenda, too much going on in the business with our MSP service Launch and Marketing operations.

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@Aries_The_Hound I am interested in your integration app. We have OSTicket up and running for a very long time and would like to utilize SuiteCRM as well but how to get relevent info from both systems has been difficult.

That is for v8.2 or higher, if you have Suite v7.x, then OSticket should be integrated for that using custom API. Currently there is no integration available but it can be done. OSTicket Api only supports tickets creation. API — osTicket 1.17.1 documentation