Integration of Email editor

Hello everyone,

While trying to edit emails and send them to phone, I realize that Email Editor (Tiny MCE) is not responsive.
I want to change that Email Editor (Tiny MCE) and integrate another Responsive Email Editor.

My problem is that I don’t know how to remove Tiny MCE and integrate Responsive one.

If someone did that before, please help me!

Thanks for your time.

in your user profile, scroll down to the bottom, you can change email editors from within a few options (Mozaik, TinyMCE, HTML).

Actually integrating a different option into the code seems to be a complicated coding task.

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I am as an administrator and if you mean at Admin module I cannot find it.

Please can you explain it more?

Thanks for your time.

This is a per-user setting. It is changed in each user’s profile, not in the Admin area.

You access the user profile from the top-right menu, click your user name, or the option “Profile”.

Each user has to change it individually after logging in (but if you need to deploy an option like this to the entire company, you can tweak it for everybody directly in the database).