Integration Mattermost

Hello everybody.

I saw on the SuiteCrM roadmap:

Internal and External Webchat
Integrate Mattermost for internal chat, record chat rooms and external customer service support.

Such a feature is dramatically missing to SuiteCRM compared to other systems like Odoo.

Did anyone try to integrate Mattermost already in order to have a conversations (channel) below each record (project, task.etc) ?

I would love to implement this feature for my team asap.
But I lack of abilities to start this but my own.

I agree this would be a nice feature to have. Mattermost is open-source, fits well with SuiteCRM.

mattermost is still part of development? . I have not seen it in the roadmap anymore

SalesAgility uses Mattermost internally, so I guess it would be a very nice fit indeed. However there are soooo many things to be done in this project that I fear this one might not be easy to fit in. (This is just a personal hunch, not an official statement)

I do think this one would be perfect for a Community contribution. Can anyone take it up?

yes like mattermost !! any news ?