Integrate with ECM


I am new to SuiteCRM and I want to understand the basics in a integration scenario. My integration pattern is

  1. When a business object is created in SuiteCRM, I want to call the ECM system with a web service call to create a new workspace. I also want to pass along some metadata about the business object. The web service call returns the ID of the newly created workspace in the ECM system.
  2. When I view the business object in SuiteCRM, I want to display a new tab with a javascript widget from the ECM system

How would you go about develop something like this in SuiteCRM? Any hints are most welcome!


Hi jgranert,

  1. There are hooks. You can use a create hook while a business object is created and trigger a webservice call to your ECM system.
    Reference about the hooks

2)Maybe an iFrame is that you are looking for.


Thank you for taking time! The hooks concept sounds promising. Regarding the 2nd item - would you by any chance have some example of the steps involved?


You can create a iframe field inside any module you want. Then you can makethis iframe to load the url of your javascript widget page.
A step-by-step guide is not possible cause the info you provide is not specific. Although to create a field in a original module use the Admin->Studio and if you already have your own module use module builder.