Integrate information about Facebook page followers

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I have an amount of contacts stored in the module Leads. I created a custom field (checkbox) “Follower on social media” to signal leads which follow my Facebook pages. Is there a way to automatically scrap the list of users which follow these pages and match them with the existing leads so that these users have the cross on the field while others not?

My SuiteCRM version is 7.11.15

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I don’t think what you need exists yet. I believe you will need to create it.

One way I think it can be achieve it is by using Facebook API to pull information into SuiteCRM.

Check this link for some ideas:



Hi man,

Thank you very much for your answer. Actually I’m looking for a free solution, something that should work with SuiteCRM API, but I’m not good at coding. I already have a CSV with my list of fans, I should just merge this (with an inner merge) to update the information on the leads following my FB pages

SuiteCRM allows you to import. From your leads list view you can export all your leads and get the id of them. Then add the id to your CSV of fans. Once you have that you will be able to update all your Leads via import.

Here the documentation on Record Management in SuiteCRM:

A sample for imports:



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I made it!

Thank you very much man, very kind of you.

Glad it worked for you!!!