Integrate external system with suiteCrm


I would like to connect my external systems ( not SuiteCrm) and integrate them automatically to the SuiteCrm ,
for example , I have a web application that should manage the appointment to the doctor, and when it will happen I want that the appointment will appear
automatically in the suiteCrm and actually it will use as general ERP System that combine all my services
how can I do that?
Thank you, and sorry for my bad English

If all you need is a form on a website, to create new records in SuiteCRM, check out the Web-to-Person feature in the Documentation.

If you need more, like a two-way integration with an ERP, you need to hire consultancy/developments services to take care of that for you.

Tell them

  • SuiteCRM has a REST API they can use to read and write in our database

  • SuiteCRM is fully open-source, so all customizations are possible (SQL/PHP/Javascript)

  • customizing SuiteCRM includes several high-level mechanisms (“logic hooks” get called when certain events happen; “beans” are objects you can handle to use the several concepts in SuiteCRM without having to go directly into the database).

The Developer Guide explains many routes for customization.