Integrate ERP Database x SuiteCRM

I am starting the deployment of SuiteCRM and I need to integrate information from my Oracle database. But I would like to integrate without having to import data from my database. I have all visions modeled on the bank. I would like to create wigtes or any other way of integrating that just visualize the views created and use them in SuiteCRM, so the information would always be updated. Are there any plug-ins or ways to do this integration natively?

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Have you seen the iframe fields? You could add them to any view, from Studio.

Also, for Dashlets, check out the “Web” tab.

Here is a nice example of sending parameters into an iframe:

Interesting iframe. But can I use this ERP data as an external module to create worklow and reports in Analystics?
Because I have a need, for example, to calculate my sales vs. billing goal and create workflow based on the calculation

Best thing to do is:
Create the fields in studio where you want to be. Mostly likely at the account level.

Make then read-only (not in the edit screen).

Then create an outside job to populate the information. Python , PHP , javascript …whatever. Pull from your ERP and then populate the CRM.

If you don’t want to write scripts… there are many tools out there like StarFish ETL that can help.

Forget what I said … you didn’t want to import the data.

For that you need to just create an API to pull the data … then use Vue or jQuery to display the data inside your page. Can be a little tricky and not upgrade safe.

@edupinho the requirements in your first post suddenly changed in the next post :stuck_out_tongue:

Before, you just wanted to display data with the same appearance it had outside SuiteCRM. Now you want something quite different… ok :smile:

There are several ways to do this - if you use the right ones, it can be upgrade safe.

You can do it in the front-end (like suggested - JQuery etc) but I would advise just a custom entry-point that you call from the outside system OR a custom scheduler that runs periodically inside SuiteCRM and consumes external data.

These things are detailed in the Docs:

Sorry I didn’t say the total objective, lol. But I want to use this external base as if it were in the SuiteCRM base. But I would just like to consume the data without importing! That’s because I have many records updates in my ERP, be it: quotes, orders, customers, invoices.
In that case, could I create an API on the external bank side to be consumed by SuiteCRM without the need to import?
And can I use this external base in Analytics and workflow?

In that case, could I create an API on the external bank side to be consumed by SuiteCRM without the need to import?
And can I use this external base in Analytics and workflow?

These are two different cases. The Workflows are about action, not data. You would need to save at least one bit of data in a SuiteCRM record to trigger the workflow. Then it can move data around etc. But it is not a good place, inside the workflow, to consume more information. For that I would use a logic hook, where you are in PHP and have full control. You could say that Workflows are for end-users, logic hooks for developers. More or less.

For analytics, it’s actually an external engine, that draws data from SuiteCRM and produces reports. If your data is not in SuiteCRM, it won’t see it. You can probably work around this by getting the Analytics engine to collect data directly form the ERP. It’s a generic solution called Pentaho, look it up.

I have a problem so I need to use worflow and analytics with external data. Because my goal is to control workflow and trigger actions for salespeople, as data in the ERP is being updated.
Example: I want to compare my sales target x my billing, and make a calculated field. If the result of the calculation is below my goal. I trigger an action for the seller
All this external data I want to present in the 360 view of the customer for the salesperson to make analyzes, as well as the dashboard in the cockipt too.
With that scope, what do you recommend the best solution?

I already laid out some of the options above, you need to read a bit about those things in the Dev guide and figure out how to best use them - only you can know the exact “integration” kit you need… good luck!

Yes, you will study your suggestions. Thank you very much

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