Integer field filter

I have a pricefield as integerfield and like to create a filter where value is more than zero ,some like > 0… but that does not work…
what is the filter to see only the prices more than 0 (zero) or maybe … are not empty…

When field is numeric the search option offers a filter for that.



The special pricefield (integer) is in the PRODUCTS module, not Opportunity. so how to do oit in search in products

First you need to make sure your custom field was added to the filter layout from Studio (See image)

Once you do the above, go to your products list and apply your filter.

Note: If you didn’t added to the Quick Filter then click on the Advanced Filter and it should be there (See image )

Looking to do something like this on an integer fields. Simple more than, less than…

If I found any solution I will share it here.