Intagration Suite CRM with forum

Hello all!

We are analyzing Suite CRM for one project and have some question. :slight_smile:

Can we integrat Suite CRM with any forum, that it would be displayed in the interface of the system? Or mb we can development forum in system? Perhaps you did similar functionality in your projects and can share your experiences.

Thank for your answers!

Hi Suspicious

One of our clients required something similar

We customised the Bug module to be named Forum and updated the create to say “Create Post”

Using the plugin - CRM Social Collaboration Ninja $300 one off payment

These customisations allow

  • User(s) to create posts
  • User(s) to comment on posts
  • User(s) to reply to comments
  • Email Notification
  • Role Management for permissions

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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TaufiqueAhmed thanks you!
We too find this plugin and want to buy it for communication users within the object system. I think Your decision will suit us :slight_smile:

Mb You or someone else can help for second question:

Customer of project necessary to implement the functional of Gantt chart in Suite CRM for planning and monitoring sales and tasks within them. Mb implemented plugin for this? Now i can’t imagine how this can be implemented in the system… :frowning:

No problem :slight_smile:

2nd question

You could potentially customise the Project module to be similar to the Opportunity module?

Add Fields like

Close date
Opportunity Stage
Probability of sale
Amount etc

Add relevant relationships to the project module like Quote & Invoices maybe (You may want a 1 to many with accounts, projects come auto with many to many)

Create bespoke reports for project module around sales stage, close date for homepage

Some of the Dashlets for SuiteCRM > Opportunity reports won’t work as you are using a different module

With this the client will be able to look at a sale, see the relevant information, see the gannt chart and tasks related to the sale

Hope this helps